Ziya Azazi | Sufi Dance | Mystic meets mesmerizing

A Daring Frame with Ziya Azazi.

Ziya Azazi is an acclaimed dancer and choreographer, with a career spanning over two decades, during which he has performed, choreographed, and propagated Sufi dance across more than fifty countries worldwide. He is also a sought-after lecturer in both academic and non-academic settings, including institutions such as Goldsmiths University in London, Culture University in Istanbul, University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, as well as delivering a TEDx Talk in Istanbul. Over the past ten years, Azazi has averaged 35 trips per year to 14 countries, encompassing 45 performances, ten workshops, and numerous collaborative projects.

Directors vision:
I recently had the honor of interviewing renowned dancer and choreographer, Mr. Ziya Azazi. His incredible career spans over two decades, where he has captivated audiences worldwide with his Sufi dance performances in over fifty countries.

Mr. Azazi shared inspiring insights during our talk, discussing his journey, the cultural significance of Sufi dance, and the connections he’s forged across diverse backgrounds. His dedication and profound artistic understanding have been key to his success.

Exciting news: Today, we’ll release a teaser from the interview on both Farhang and my Mobikey YouTube channels. This preview offers a glimpse into our enriching conversation, showcasing Mr. Azazi’s wisdom and experiences.

And for those craving more, mark your calendars for the full interview in September 2023. It promises an immersive experience, revealing Mr. Azazi’s perspectives on dance, culture, and artistic expression.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Stay tuned for the teaser today and join us for the full interview in September, as we explore the captivating journey of a true global artist.

Featured Artist: Ziya Azazi
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