In search of dance

In search of dance: Ulrika Larsen and Mahsa Poorramezan

A dance duet introducing Indian classical Odissi dancer Ulrika Larsen and Sufi dancer Mahsa Poorramezan through a visual dialogue in movement, voice and text. In search of dance aims to capture the two dancer´s separate and yet similar journey and constant artistic search. A search in which dance is not merely about practicing and perfecting movements and rhythm, or expressing yourself, but is also a way of meditation and communication with the divine spirit surrounding us in our daily lives.

A Bold Frame is a new digital project by Farhang in Homayoon Mobaraki´s direction. Each episode promotes an artist whose work or idea Farhang wants to highlight in a close and interesting online encounter. It will be available online for free in Farhangs Youtube channel.

Concept, idea, directing: Homayoon Mobaraki
Project managing, coordinating: Ulrika Larsen
Choreography, dance, text, voice: Mahsa Poorramezan, Ulrika Larsen
Date of premiere to be announced within short
Photo: Avinash Pasricha, Iman Khayyatan/Fotodela studio

Produced by Farhang förening and Mobikey with the support from Statens Kulturråd and Ideell Kulturallians.

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