Kista World Music Festival 2020


Welcome to Kista World Music Festival celebrating it´s 20 year´s jubilee

Live streaming SMAK: Ale & Anna Möller 4/10 at 5 pm/ kl 17:00  YouTube , Facebook. Support the festival by swish to Farhang nr: 1233255015.

Previous streming SMAK: Ahmad Al-Khatib, Friday 2/10 at 7 pm/ kl 19:00. YouTube, Facebook. Support the festival by swish to Farhang nr: 1233255015.

Previous streaming SMAK: Sofia Karlsson. Sunday 27/9 at 6 pm/ kl 18:00.  YouTubeFacebook. Support the festival by swish to Farhang: 1233255015.

Previous streaming, SMAK: Josette Bushell-Mingo & Shapor Bastansiar YouTube, Facebook Support the festival by swish to Farhang: 1233255015.

Previous streaming: SMAK: with Hamid Motebassem & Samira Golbaz, Monday 21 September at 7.15 pm. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

The Festival for all lovers of world music- Kista World Music Festival- is turning 20 years old and we welcome you all to join us in a grand and sparkling celebration. Founded in 2001 and nurtured since then by Rostam Mirlashari this firework of music and dance from all over the globe has gradually become a highly acclamied annual event and is today known as one of the biggest festival for World Music in the North. Due to the Corona Pandemia the festival´s terms this year is very different but we are happy and proud to present a well curated program with an exiting artist´s set-up. Just like previous year Kista World Music Festival 2020 will offer a festivous inauguration at Kista square, Kista mall and library, conserts, performances for children, a dance workshop and a book release. We also introduce a new and creative project in the aftermaths of the ongoing Pandemia. This project is called SMAK (Flavor): world music in Rostam Mirlashari´s kitchen. SMAK is a series of 6 get-togethers between different artists, traditions, cultures and music genres to be streamed live and broadcasted. These exclusive concerts also allows a smaller audience of 50.Through SMAK we invite the world to Sweden, Stockholm and Kista World Music Festival. We can´t wait to see you all soon at Kista World Music Festival 2020! / the Festival Team SMAK: world music in Rostam Mirlashari´s kitchen SMAK is an innovative way of meeting for musicians and audience and it also takes in consideration the restrictions in gatherings due to the current situation. It´s a live experience stimulating four of our senses simultaniously through smell, taste, sound and vision. Rostam Mirlashari, producer and artistic director of Kista World Music Festival together with Liliana Zavala, conceptual inspirer och co-producer of SMAK and photographer/musician Fredrik Gille will present a unique and locally produced program together with Farhang`stab and our collaborator. This outstanding program is representing both the 20-year´s jubilee of Kista World Music Festival and a constantly hard work of illuminating and promoting the multi-facetted music scene in Sweden. SMAK will host many extraordinary artists as Josette Bushell-Mingo, Ale Möller, Sofia Karlsson, Tania Naranjo, Robert ”Robi” Svärd, Shapor Bastansiar, Ann Sehlstedt and Ahmad Al Khatib. Rostam Mirlashari will guide us to a guaranteed tasteful music experience and invites the world to his own kitchen and livingroom.