Farhang which means “culture” in Farsi (Persian) was created in 1995 in order to inform and spread knowledge about folk and world music to a greater audience. We are a non-profit organization who works towards building bridges between individuals with different cultural backgrounds.

Farhang organizes artists, musicians and writers with various backgrounds around issues regarding culture, creativity and identity in a world characterized by globalization, diasporas and cultural multitudes. Our effort is to create forums for the meeting between different musical traditions and to contribute to a process where cultures meet and generate something new together.

During the years we have been active we have noticed that there is a great need for information about the cultural life both in Sweden and beyond which has resulted in that we have acted as advisors for organizations, individuals and professional musicians thereby providing a great resource for the development of the Swedish cultural environment.

Farhang produces several festivals, workshops and concerts both on our own and together with different co-organizers. For more information please see the page ”Evenemang”.

In order to contact us please see “Kontakta oss”.